Turning 25 (a turning point)

First published on September 18, 2013 over at my old blog.

6:30 a.m. of the birthday aftermath and I am typing this hurriedly, haphazardly, happily-- inside a bus bound for Zland. At the start of this year, I was also fiddling with my thoughts and fitting them inside a status message when I first dared to take the bus alone to LU to learn how to surf. 

My life has never been the same. And I am deeply grateful.

For the gift of travel, and the worldview that expands with each geographical displacement: place as teacher, time as parent, sea as solace.

For the gift of friends with the same sense of wide-eyed wonder, friends who become lifetime strongholds in less than an hour, friends you meet once but continue to love thereafter. For friends who are more family than actual family. And for family who now feel like friends.

For the gift of surfing and the courage it commands, the belief it builds within the self. For sea knowledge that becomes world wisdom with each wave ride. For the gift of stoke, which is metaphor coming alive.

For the gift of happiness now coming to me in many forms of love.

For H. For being my constant travel buddy, master chef, surf inspiration, life coach in many ways. For making me feel like I no longer need anything else.

Thank you to everyone who has taken this trip with me, whether we've shared carpools and ratty bus seats or vicariously. I am now a quarter of a century old and only now have I begun truly living. ♡