From Real to Daet to Baler: The Pacific Summer Swell

First published on My Life On Board on April 23, 2014.

There was a time we waited 16 hours for a bus and I had thought to myself: we would have been home yesterday if we had a car. So on the day we got a second-hand 1997 Suzuki Vitara, I realized that nothing in my life has pushed me as hard as surfing has.

And it’s continuing to push all sorts of limits: patience, for when the waves are not so great; belief in one’s ability, for when just trying becomes too hard; monetary reach, because no surf trip is ever free, and relationships, because people are more unpredictable than waves.

And yet, whenever the forecast fails to show our favorite color, or when that pop-up could’ve been faster, and when every single coin in our wallets matter, we find even more reason to press on, trudge on, and push harder. 

Because in surfing, the one thing greater than all the difficulty is the reward.

So when the inevitable flat spell finally hit our favorite spots in Zambales and La Union, we spent three weekends surfing waves along the Pacific coastline in our brand new source of pride. Follow our trail in this short video.

Shots by: Harold Crisostomo and Camille Pilar
Edited by: Harold Crisostomo
Music: Boy (RAC Remix) by Ra Ra Riot

Special thanks to: Fluidsurf, Podheadz, Ralph Ng for the soft rack, Henrick, Nico, Mara, Gerb and Droy for being good passengers, and to the Vitara Club of the Philippines for answering all our queries. Surf's up!