Roadworthy: Our First Car is a Surf Mobile

First published on my Instagram feed on March 29, 2014.

Meet Jeepsea, the sassy and solid 1997 Suzuki Vitara that we drove home today.

Nothing in my life has motivated me as hard as surfing has, and without this constant push, I probably would never see any of my dreams turn real. I was always good at jotting down plans and making pipedream-promises that echo "someday maybe, but not now." Hence, the shelving of many projects and the sad, slow death of zest.

But here we are: a surf mobile in my driveway, tough and tangible, rideable and real. If not for surfing and this indelible urge to move (and bring a longboard), I would have never thought this was possible, and that I could ever be ready for something like this. 

Dreaming is easy but nothing beats reality. So go on, get moving, and be roadworthy.