Transitions: Hello, 6'8"

First published on my Instagram feed on January 14, 2014.

I know I ought to focus on the fundamentals, but after failed attempts to bargain with cab drivers and missed bus rides due to the lack of space, I decided to let go of the longboard (and hoped that the future would surprise me with a car, haha). I settled for the in-between, the convenient and compact mini mal. I surfed with a 7'2" NSP funboard for the past six months, and it is now time to try something new.

I'm wishing this 6'8" Al Merrick Tuflite Flyer would not feel too foreign since it's still pretty big in size. I don't expect to or want to fly just yet, but here's to another in-between, another small bridge toward riding the proper shortboard. 

Surfing keeps pushing us to adapt and accommodate and adjust-- and I find myself most malleable here, to keep doing what I love.

Here's to all the new things to learn, adjust and practice. Here's to making mistakes. Looking funny. Feeling awkward. And with enough patience, here's to that incomparable flash of brilliance when you finally do something right.

UPDATE: We did it! We did get our very own surf mobile soon enough. :)