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First published on my Instagram feed.

Maybe not updating one's music playlist is a sign of being stuck. You have no zest for new songs, or none of it is appealing so you play the same tracks over and over until the songs are no longer songs, just memories attached to noise. 

I have to make it a habit to cull and keep, decide and delete more often. I can't fit all the songs I ever want in my iPod the same way I can't latch onto everything that goes on in my life. I need to outgrow things in order to grow. Arrange new playlists of to-do's and don't evers. And maybe in the end we're all bound to become entirely new selections of hits and misses. 

I wonder about which people and places will make it to this year's greatest hits: moments that climb the charts of the heart, the turn-up-loud songs that last three forever minutes.

Some experiences can never be anything more than elevator music.

And then there are songs you keep but always skip. Songs you listen to halfway until you start to feel uneasy because this is the old you.

I wonder what a complete reformat would sound like. A static of faces, a stutter of names, your body splashing into a cold, clear pool of blaring silence.