Where Will Your Next Wave Be?

So here it is, the inevitable flat spell. I was warned that surf withdrawal will be difficult 100%-- this is the longest I've been surf-less!-- but that didn't save me from the anxious swell-check-refresh routine. It's confirmed. Throughout the hoping and the hurting, I've got the dark blues.

But it hasn't been all doom and gloom these past few weeks. We had guests over from Japan and we loved having them over despite not having too many spot options. I also started learning how to drive and I'm now more in love with Jeepsea. And spending a weekend in Batangas, and another one in San Jose, show that we were never too far from the sea.

Can't wait to sea these guys again! Til next time, Ryan and Jesse. :)

Can't wait to sea these guys again! Til next time, Ryan and Jesse. :)

Still, I wish the drought would end because it has brought with it a lack of general flavor in life. It is salt, after all, that gives things taste.

So I'm going to keep my spirits up by thinking of my next wave. I wonder where it will be. 

Could it be this terrific, tubing left? It may look serene but I had one of my worst ever wipeouts here. See those rocks?

The first time I ever dropped this gorgeous right-hander, I was screaming the entire time. I can't wait for that again.

Still the record-holder for the longest backside ride of my life.

In this place, a love story.

And in this place, a triumph over fear.

Or maybe I'll finally get to see this epic spot working and get stoked out of my wits, even if all I end up doing is watch. (Photo by Harold.)

And of course. The place I always miss the most.

Where will your next wave be? :)