Lesson #1: Look Up

Truly, there are other lessons in surfing that must come before this-- how to paddle, popping-up, how to find your board's sweet spot-- but no lesson could be more relevant to me right now than this.

Look up.

Some people believe that August is a ghost month. If you are superstitious, you'd know that this is hardly the month to be crossing your fingers for good luck. Things will fall apart, says the horoscope. But even if you don't buy into the astrological hullaballoo (sorry, Susan Miller), August will find a way to sneak in unfortunate circumstances to feel uncomfortable about.

So there was less surf, more budget constraints, less time together, more nitty gritty details that shouldn't matter but did, and what was done could no longer be helped. So no matter what the surf forecast or the forecast for Virgos might bring, I'm just glad this month's winding down to an end.

Things will look up.

To quench hotsurf tendencies, I settled for rewatching what surf footage I had of myself to observe. Let's freeze-frame to this moment--- This is that quarter of a second right before I lost momentum and control of my board, that fraction of distraction that led me to fall flat into the water, and miss this beautiful wall. 

All because I looked down.

Had I looked up, my body's weight would have shifted forward and my feet would've drawn out the much needed turn to ride down the line. Well, maybe. ;)

But surf stances aside, and all of August's bad ju-ju out the window for once, it won't hurt to practice this lesson until things actually look up. You go where your eyes go. Gaze, and the body follows. Keep your head down and you miss life's mysterious opportunities unfurling ahead.

So chin up and adjust your mindset as you would balance. Lean on negativity and fall into defeat. Lean on overconfidence and trip over your own feet. Stop scurrying and let the moment glide.

Ready? Now, look up!