The Urgent Need For Surfable Bikinis

First published on Instagram last August 28, 2015.

I enjoy surfing in a bikini and it doesn't have anything to do with looking cute. I find that I can move more freely and make decisions with more confidence because I am embracing the elements that make me, me. 

However, I don't always get to don just a two-piece in the water because of two reasons: a) the waves can make it difficult, and b) there just aren't many choices for surfable/surf-friendly bikinis here in the Philippines.

I love my @fluidsurf_ rashguards and boardshorts and I'll always rely on them for performance and worry-free water time. But even rashies and boardies get in the way when your bikini underneath is being a little bitch.

While there already are good surf bikini brands that do ship here, there has to be more options. More and more Filipinas are falling in love with surfing (yes!) and we have to spend more time charging waves instead of un-crumpling stupid pads or fixing annoying wedgies mid-wave. And it shouldn't have to cost an arm and a leg to cover our tops and bottoms!

And for the record, the bikini in this picture does not pass the surf test. It caused me a lot of time in the "bikini-fixing zone," which is diving deep to tread underwater as you frantically save yourself from a wardrobe malfunction. Not cool. Not safe.

So here's a nod toward a different design direction. Less cutesy tootsie patterns, more performance-driven cuts and styles. It will help all girls surf better, feel better and look better too.


A few days after I posted the piece above, local brand Pepper Swim responded and sent me a pair to try. :)

A few days ago, I wrote about the need for more surf-friendly bikinis in the Philippines. Luckily, one homegrown brand responded right away and I got to test this lovely pair from @pepperswimwear! 

I feel like all girl surfers should communicate with local brand owners they know so we can all start a shared conversation about the development of surfable designs.

So here are my notes on this number:

- This pair came in great, reusable packaging. Less plastic is a plus.
- Lycra fabric feels great in and out of the water. No annoying pads!
- You can wear the top 2 ways: bra-like or X-straps. X-straps is better for surf.
- I wore this on a longboarding kind of day (waist to shoulder-high) and had no problems. Yes!
- Then I wore it to the Bowl where it was punchy, steep, shoulder-high. I had to make adjustments now and then because the waves had more power, but I still got to surf with a confidence that I liked. 

All in all, good job Pepper Swim! Perhaps wider straps for shortboarders? Or a cut with more top support? I'm looking forward to the next design.

And ladies, please share other honest reviews about brands you've tried! Let's get the surf wear we want by saying what we want.