Soul Surfed

The night started slowly. We had no plans except to meet up with friends but it ended like a Hangover movie. We never knew half of what was in our drinks but we gulped them down, eyes dazzling with a delight that belonged only to youth. Some time after midnight, people got pushed into a pool in a place we weren't supposed to be at. I remember rushing in and out of a resort, ducking behind bouncers or befriending them each time I had to use the bathroom. What was supposed to be a P100 tip turned out to be a P1000 bill and we were cashless until morning. The music didn't stop. We danced to songs we knew and songs we didn't, and we didn't run out of people to dance with. We tripped down the stairs and ran to the beach. We had stars in our hair. We had stars in our eyes. We didn't notice the time, and too soon, the sun was rising. We had driven to a quieter corner along the coast. The beach was empty. A friend's pickup got stuck in the sand and I had somehow slept on top of its hood, all dreamed out. We all laid down until the sun got too hot. The boys pushed the pickup out of the rut. I watched them, some with bottles still in hand, and I knew that this night had bonded us for life. We talked about it each time we met again, and we smile at how we've all grown up since.

This year, the same event is rolling out over the weekend but we're all sitting it out. We'll watch this year's glory kids have the time of their lives, and we'll grin knowing they'll never be the same way again.