How To Make Hanging Rice a.k.a Puso

Young coconut leaves are woven and filled with unwashed rice. Once you have a bunch, you tie all the pieces together and boil for half an hour. The result is a delicious sticky rice that you can eat anywhere, sitting down or standing up. I grew up eating puso in Cebu. We had puso on birthdays and boat trips, and we had puso on Christmas. Young and old, rich and poor, we all ate puso the same way:

with our bare hands.

I didn't know it then, but the tradition of eating puso was a reminder of how good things took time. More than time, it also required intention. When you devote yourself to a process, you create something more than rice. It is almost like a gift--a sublime offering from the heart-- and it is with heart that I write and live my life. In Filipino, the word for heart is puso: the same word for sticky, handmade rice.

Tattoo by the amazing @gigiebear.