Beach Dogs

The sun had just risen and we chose this lush, grassy nook for a puppy stopover. All of our puppies have a pit bull confidence, a Labrador playfulness, and just enough beach dog suave to go about on their own. They love wide, open spaces; but they never stray, their tiny tails always wagging into view. One, two, three. Four and five. Why we ever thought of bringing all of them with us, I do not know, but I am unraveling a big story out of this small picture. I am being taught new measures for love and patience. I keep my voice down. I do not panic. They will come back. Running, they come when called. Two brisk whistles and they pile into each other; they know it's time to go.

Meanwhile, Harold drives and tells me, we're someplace new. Who knows what this place holds? We're trying old habits in new places. We're feeling old love in new ways.