Elections 2

We've been around for thousands of years, and yet we humans still do not know what to do with power. Civilizations, crusades, countries and continents have fallen prey to this abstract monster; the more imagined it is, the more real it gets. Politics is only one manifestation of this invisible disease, and it always starts in the same place: that first taste of power.

Politics is all power play, and power seeps into all of our actions, all of our decisions, from countrywide policy or worldwide platforms, to the very denial of power in our bedrooms and homes.

For as long as we exist, we participate in this power play, and we always start with the personal.

I like to believe that I am not alone in thinking that politics will not just bring justice to my needs, and the needs of those immediately around me. I like to think, that there are many of you out there, who believe in politics not for a few, but for the many, the Others, whom we do not see.