Odes To Jeepsea

Jeepsea, you have proven over and over how you are worthy. How, despite your morning moodiness and aging transmission, you always ensured our arrival. We had plenty of close calls, like the shenanigans with your spark plugs after we cut through the mountains going to Baler. Or that dreadfully rainy night coming down from Pagudpud and all the gas stations were closed. When there was no more gasoline to burn, you ran on good vibes. You can do it, Jeepsea! We'll make it, Jeepsea! And you didn't stop making your way down the dark and slippery trail, ever so slowly. 

Two years and some 36,000 km together, I realize that underneath that hood is a heart. Instead of pistons, you have a pulse. Because not all cars can feel like family or home; we are lucky that you are both.