Simpler, Even

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 9.34.20 PM.png
On this wave: stylish sisters @apingagudo and @ikit_agudo show me how to glide gracefully on this afternoon set wave. Aerial photo: @buddhasiargao 

Our days have become simpler. We cook, eat and work at home. We go to the market every four days to refill our fare of fish and vegetables, and once a week, we restock on dog food. On most mornings, we have hot pandesal. Sometimes, we have cheesecake. And with daily practice, we've become quite good at free brewing coffee. 

The real story is that we spend an obsessive amount of time cleaning the house. Whenever we feel like we're ready to sit down and do nothing, the dogs get into a ridiculous mess, the floor attracts mud, the windows need wiping, and another fork and spoon and plate and pan makes a surprise appearance on the sink. The laundry needs to be folded again. The towels and sheets need replacing. The real curse of doing nothing is you notice everything; and unless you can ignore that soap smudge on the mirror, you're doomed to get so busy even before you do any real work at all.

Our days have become simpler: easier in some ways, and harder in others. There are days we are cruel to each other, and there are days when we are happy to be holding each other still.

Of all these simple days, I took no pictures. Nothing looked beautiful-- except the surf. We've enjoyed consistent waves all week, and good friends have graced the lineup and our dinner table often. 

Looking back, I wish I took pictures. My remorse is lifted when friends send me snapshots of those moments, and I am swept away by a certain grace when I see how happy we looked, how good it felt, and how beautiful it all was after all.