In This House


We don't leave the house unless we have to run errands and I'm starting to feel older than I actually am. If we are the sum of the 5 people we hang out with the most then we're really coming up short, unless all 3 dogs count (they do!). But the desire to go outside is ever fleeting, and I miss the house the moment we leave. 

I feel that life has finally caught up with us. We have not lived in this house as much as we have now. And we've come to love the way the windows swim in morning light, and how dusk settles in slowly, always catching us by surprise. We feel this space celebrate tiny joys with us; and when we are down, it offers a full night of rest. We may be the sum of our interactions with others, but we are also influenced by places. I would like others to find the same reassurance in me: how, in this house, I can wake up in the dead of night and walk around unafraid.