And We Have Launched!

When #100DaysOfWritingTrue ended, I didn't realize I took out a significant part of my routine. I missed the creative energy and the sense of rhythm that came with writing often. I then looked for the same flow and rapture in other places, in books and in waves. Yet nothing felt the way writing did. So with encouragement from friends, readers, soulmates, and one amazingly talented Sofia Cope, this online writing workshop was born. 

For the past five months, Sofia and I have turned to this project to regain our hold on the world. Unexpected ordeals would trip our balance but working on the materials for the workshop helped us find our center. This project got us through some pretty bad days and we couldn't be more excited to share it with you.

Meet Sofia, one of my favorite storytellers, and the creative genius behind 15 Days Of Writing True. Before I could even dream it, Sofia could already conjure it in a meaningful and beautiful collage. In this online workshop, two stories run parallel: one told in pictures, the other in words.

As a way of thanking you for reading and liking my #WritingTrue entries, I would now like to help you write your own stories.

I questioned whether a workshop like this was necessary, and I wondered if I had the mental and physical capacities to involve so many new people in my life at such an intimate level. In this workshop, it feels like I am giving myself away. But I choose to live in a world where good things bloom when you give yourself to something; instead of living in a world where it was pointless to even try.

In 15 Days Of Writing True, I am sharing 15 writing lessons from my own writing journey as beautifully designed by the amazing Sofia Cope. Together, we have created an online workshop that we hope will help you become the storyteller you were meant to be.

Join us for 15 days of finding truth in beauty, and meaning in awe, while putting it all together in words.