An Emoji Poem



I've been using up my words
for emails 📧
and comments 🗨
or random replies 💬
I won't remember 🤔
until I see the chat history. 📩 

When it's time ⏳
to write 📝
on my journal 📖
I doodle instead. 🌈 

At night 🌃
I dream of all the words 💭
I had not written 🚫
and I wake up 😱
scrambling for a pen. 🖊 

I've used up my words 😔
for work and whatever 😩
so when asked what I want to eat ❓
I think of something good 🤔
but have no more words. 😶

You Decide



This is my face a second before I was ready for the shutter. This is the clutter in my mind manifesting out of a mind map. Where words fail, images prevail. A collage is a visual essay. This is the paragraph I've been paraphrasing in the language of cutouts. The pen tool is still a pen. This is how I choose to write about thunder when my vocabulary is stuck in summer, somewhere.



My surfboard fin sliced through my butt cheek the last time I surfed in Siargao. It left this brilliant scar. In social media feeds saturated with skimpy bikini pics, at least I'll know which butt's mine. 😉🍑

But enough about butts. It's all about that bag. 🎒


Workshop alert! ⚠ I signed up for @sofia.cope's basic digital collage art workshop over at I'm excited to learn ways to bring my words out through images this time. I'm sharing this with you because it's important to do things for the soul. Sofia is good at teaching that.