Day 69: On Being Good

69/100 → He likes his rice a bit dry so that the grains fall apart, while I like my rice sticky so they clump together like Japanese rice. I cannot stand the sight of things in disarray, even in rice, which is why I can never get any work done until the sink is clear, while he can switch his laptop on the moment he wakes up. I am the patron saint of proper places; I require the return of things to where they belong. Meanwhile, he scatters his things like bread crumbs, so he remembers where he's been.

He's a lateral thinker. I'm a literature student. I create with words, he speaks design. But for all the counts that we are so different, there are counterparts in which we are exactly the same. 

We are city people with country hearts. And we are part of the quiet but urgent movement to live simple yet extraordinary lives. And if anything dares break what we built, we will fight the good fight. Consciences clear. Love abundant. Because everyone gets what they ultimately deserve in life. 

We believe that bad people will only highlight the good people, and we hope strongly-- resolutely-- that in this life, we can both be good. Because being good is always enough.

Camille PilarComment