Day 73 to Day 74: On How To Build Anything

A little tribute to the months we spent losing time, money, sanity and patience just to see what we could make. Fortunately, we made it well. 

73/100 → We all live in all sorts of houses, but only few really know how to build a house. Even the smallest and simplest of structures can be hard to make. Where do you start? How do you know the ground will hold? How much do you fill? What do you take away?

We had a small kubo built in our backyard, and after everything we went through: mistake 1, mistake 2, and so on-- we realized we should have learned to build this ourselves from the start. 

So we tried to do it over; we picked new materials ourselves. We canvassed back and forth opposite parts of town for types of wood, good and better lumber, metal frames, bolts and screws and nails. We asked: Will this do? Will this last? And finally we had something of our own design, labor and time.

It's not done but it's ready. The small kubo proved to be bigger than planned. We look at what we started and realize that we built more than just a house.

And now, this will do. This will last. In trying to build a home, we inevitably built ourselves.


74/100 → There she is. Our little piece of surf town. A collective effort by kind-hearted free spirits. A driftwood house for drifters. A bahay kubo like in the famous folk song.

We don't know what this place will mean for us yet, but the thought is fascinating. We have a little stronghold in this house built by storms and raised by hope. A surf refuge and morning watchtower. An afternoon bastionof pour-over coffee and post-surf conversation. 

Tell me, how can good things not come out of that? ♡

Camille PilarComment