Day 75: Shedding A Little Lightning

Photo by @mickoysayshigh

Photo by @mickoysayshigh

75/100 → This is what yesterday's afternoon surf session looked like. The sunset beamed from behind a heavy curtain of rainclouds rumbling away, and yet there was no rain. Instead, the sky kept throwing light in long and staggered flashes. We watched cloud patches brighten at rhythmic intervals, and we tried to guess where lightning would strike next.

The waves were incredibly small. Dismal, below the shin, or less. But a part of surfing will always be just that-- surfing weak waves but still having a blast. It could be the company of fellow peeler-killing optimists that cause you to have an accidental good time. Or it could be a dull, grey sky turning electric pink amidst all that thunder, as terrifying as they are terrific.

Whichever it is, you always get more than you bargain for when you surf. Even when the waves seem too small. Especially when the waves seem too small.

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