Day 83: Pieces of a Typhoon

In which we survive Lando, the year's strongest storm so far. 


83/100 → The wind is here. The sky is looking doubtful with every gathering cloud. I'm not new to the paranoia that comes with wild weather warnings; but I am also deceivingly comfortable with the idea of impending calamity, as if there is deranged hope to be found in being too optimistic.

This storm will pass. We'll brace ourselves for a pounding. Things will get moved, uprooted, blown away. We'll be in the thick of it. We'll be tethered to tomorrow like the roof of a house clinging on for your sake.

It is right there-- when the typhoon's evil eye is staring down upon us-- that we stand and stare back. 

It's not that I'm not afraid, because I have every reason to be scared shitless. It's that I have more reason to believe that we will make it. We'll pack candles and patch holes. We'll help neighbors patch themselves. We'll rise from ruin like it was routine because that's just how we are made. Vulnerable, and yet invincible. Beaten, but unbowed.


Sorry, Nica. We can't play outside until Typhoon Lando leaves us alone.

Oct. 18, 1:18 p.m. 

No surf today. 

Meanwhile, San Fernando and San Juan are mostly clear. No major debris on the road. Manna Mall and most gasoline stations are open. Anyone needing last minute supplies should do it sooner than later.

Power is still out so I'm charging my phone in the car.

End of Jeepsea Patrol. Lol.

Oct. 18, 3:02pm

We're back home from our little trip. We surveyed the areas surrounding San Juan and everything still seems under control. The roads further north to Tammocalao and Bacnotan are slightly more covered with leaves and the occasional fallen or dangling branch, suggesting that they are a bit more exposed. 

Let's not be complacent as Lando has not fully reached La Union yet. We are expecting the typhoon to be over our area tonight with max winds of 130kph, and it will stay with us Mon-Tues. Lando is taking his time over Luzon, and how I wish he would exit and dissipate faster.

Prepare for very strong winds tonight until tomorrow night! Tie everything down and literally, hang on.

End of Jeepsea Patrol!

Oct. 19, 3:37pm

The rain is back and perhaps Lando is finally here. We've been anticipating the worst since Sunday, and we've been fortunate enough to experience this delay. I don't know why Lando is so slow but at least we got glimpses of the sun this morning.

It was back to the daily grind for some, and the boys even scored a cold and rainy session before the coastline was blanketed with mist. For now, it's back to the batcave. Candles lit, champorado reheated, and phones on for quick updates like this.

End of Jeepsea Patrol!

Oct. 20, 5:58pm

We're one of the last couple of houses still without electricity. I do not know why LUECO has not checked on our area yet but I sure wish they fix our line soon. Nevertheless, I am thankful that this is all we lost. #TyphoonLando was hard to shake off and my heart goes out to all the families and households who have more to rebuild and regain. 

Still, the worst is over. And soon we'll see more sunsets like this again.

Jeepsea Patrol, signing out!

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