Day 87: Too Much Comfort Makes You Soft

87/100 → Here's what the pictures never show: kilometers of highway being reconstructed at the expense of daily convenience, jackhammers pulverizing concrete before your alarm, thick canopies of dust settling over your house. That dust gets into everything, like your water supply, which is a story on its own. The water district misplaces your bill or never sends it to the right address so you never know how much you owe and when it's due, until one day, your faucets run dry. You drive over to their office as quick as you can-- water, after all, is needed for everything-- and you get your water back three days later. Three whole days as penalty for a bill you never saw; three whole days of living with unwashed dishes and dust-covered bathroom floors because that's what "full force operations" means here. Sorry about that.

If not water, it's electricity. If not electricity, it's your wi-fi. Explain to your boss who's upset about the deadline that it's different here; technicians will take their time, because, technically, they can, and there's nothing you can do but wait. File a complaint and you're the bad guy. There's nobody everybody hates more than the irate and the impatient, even when they are right.

These are all petty squabbles with the system. Wait until you collide with culture and tradition.

But we chose this life; and we will continue to choose it everyday. We want this. We need this. We are built to do exactly this. We are individuals who thrive in struggle; outside our comfort zones, we bloom. 

I don't mean to say that our life is difficult (because this isn't the worst it could get), but we know how to shy away from comfort when too much of it will make us soft. Instead, we embrace the moments that make us question why we're here. We admit how mind-blowingly small we are in the grand scheme of things, and that makes our worries even smaller. This is why we moved. This is why we surf. This is what it's like to want nothing more.

Camille PilarComment