Day 89: Now This is Work

89/100 → I've been a staff writer, product manager and college teacher in the seven years since I graduated, but only this job has afforded me time to do other things I love. I let go of work that got in the way of writing and surfing, and whatever I didn't earn in money became something else in experience.

In the transition from office desk to coffee bar, I realized that the most important function of work is to allow other things to define who we are. If all we do is what our jobs ask of us, then we will never learn how to give back to life. 

I've also learned that success is shared bliss. It is other people's joy-- not pride or ambition, but pure and delightful joy-- that will fuel our own. Without this affectionate affirmation from people we work with or people we serve, we will come home tired, our souls unlit.

It's not so much about turning away from mainstream careers than it is about choosing the path to self-discovery. If the city life is good to you, stay. If you yearn for other things, go. As long as you allow yourself to grow outside of work, you can be the master of learning your own depth.

Camille PilarComment