#The100DayProject - Okay, time to write. (Day 1)

I am an entire day late for #The100DayProject because I am a slacker like that, haha. I really just wanted to urge and edge myself back into writing, and the perfect topic just arrived.

I will write about 100 beautiful things that unfold in my life, as they happen daily, or if by some random act of memory, I remember: a delightful thing, a moment of truth, some simple triumph, or a reason to love.

Today, I have this. 

1/100 → I am reading on the beach and H has gone swimming, hand plane and fins with him, when these three approached me, shyly at first, shouting "Hello!" and "Hi!" as they got closer and closer. I shouted back, "Hi, and hello!" and they burst out laughing and finally bolted toward the other side of the beach. 

It felt good to be greeted like that-- completely out of whim, enthusiastic, playful and sincere. I will remember to make my greetings livelier. So even when people begin to leave, a friendly little fire remains.

Camille Pilar2 Comments