Day 46: Thoughts Before The South Swell Official

Photo by @miccadoc, a year ago today. Looking forward to landing a smoother drop this year! 

Photo by @miccadoc, a year ago today. Looking forward to landing a smoother drop this year! 

46/100 → The start of the south swell will always remind me of Zambales and its coast is where we go to look for waves on these misty June mornings. I get excited simply by thinking of all of it-- the sound of hammocks being unzipped, it's time to go!, and we pack our bags and our boards to rumble along spot to spot, all our things at the playful mercy of rain. The state of dryness becomes a luxury and we can only hope to be damp or less damp. But oh, how we love it. How skimboarders line the shores of Pundaquit, how they are all familiar faces wishing you a good surf as you walk on to the farthest end and they stay gliding by the rivermouth. Oh, how we love how everyone in the water is made kinder by rain.

And just as June here signals the start of another school season, the south swell tells me that another year has gone by in my surf life and I look back at old pictures and posts to review the things I've learned, the places I've been, and the people-- classmates!-- I've shared a lineup with. I love seeing progress in everything, even in the slightest ways. 

This season, I look forward to seeing all the new shops, new makeshift surf stores, new food places, new surfers and new spots to grace this year's feed. And I like how this number will only grow with every season, and that we are all part of the inevitable growth of Philippine surfing-- whether we know it or not-- simply because we are surfing now.

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