Day 30: For Horrible Days

30/100 → You want the truth? Some days will be horrible. Painfully undeserved. Faith-shattering, mind-numbing, fists-clenched-to-your-sides in agony, yup, that kind of day. Maybe you will punch walls. Maybe you'll do more stupid things. And maybe you'll say things you know you shouldn't say but you say them anyway. Out of spite. Out of anguish. Out of the completely fragile state of being human. 

But you got to be okay with all of that. You must steady your sail. And dust off your compass. You fix your captain's hat and wipe your face, dry your eyes, clear your throat and empty your mind.

Because some days will be decidedly ruthless, emotionally ugly, forever unkind! And it will take all your might to realize that you don't have to be any of those things. Instead, you will be gentle. You will be as strong as you are vulnerable. You will be patient and ten times as brave. And slowly, slowly but certainly, you'll be just fine.

Camille PilarComment