Day 35: Money and Misconceptions


35/100 → Perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions about living in the province is that life becomes easy. People tell me how lucky we are to be on the enviable pursuit of all things chill. But the truth is, I've never worked harder in my entire life. And in return, I've also never been happier.

Maybe, in an office, work is easier to flaunt, describe, calculate and quantify. But there are no work hours to this type of hustle. Being happy is staying happy, and that demands revisions (by the second, sometimes!) before it starts to look effortless. It's a lot of trial and error, a lot of moments of multiple weaknesses and near-giving-up, but you simply have to try.

So here's to all the happy-go-lucky hard workers I know. To those who have embraced odd jobs, hard jobs, and weird jobs altogether. To those who've dropped titles or sold anything and everything that could be sold, just so they could be truer to themselves. To my freelance homies and night-time extras in virtual space who have forgone the corner office for a cozy spot in a small hut. To the entrepreneurs, most of all. To the real-life 3D printers of dreams. To risk-takers. To everything we've sacrificed just so we could keep living this life. 

And if one day we start to worry that we don't feel stressed or busy, we must remember that laidback does not mean lazy. It means money is just a tool, and not the reward.