Day 37: The G, The B, The S

37/100 → My favorite Literature teacher would end all of her classes with the words, "Be good, be brave, be safe." None of those words truly meant anything to me until I learned just how much I could hurt other people and just how terrible missed opportunities felt. And what did it even mean to be safe? A much younger and decidely naive version of me thought that it meant staying comfortable, even if it meant not being very good, and not being very brave.

But I've learned to face past hurts. And I've kept certain distances because it meant saving other people's shots at being good and brave. I've learned to take leaps of faith to operate on the premise of action. I've learned how to transform promises into potential, and potential into purpose, so purpose could turn into plans. I've learned to be safe by making others feel safe, because the success of my life also depended on theirs.

I've learned many things from literature and teachers, but only the sea really taught me the meaning of those powerful words. Before every surf session, I would face the ocean and the gleaming horizon ahead, and I remind myself to be good, be brave, be safe.

Camille PilarComment