Day 39: On To Bigger Things, El Union!

39/100 → This is our last week at this sweet little slice of San Juan and I will miss this tiny space and all the big ideas that are formed here. Plus the loud and rowdy groups that crowd the little tables to get a dip of some more s'mores, the impromptu dance parties fueled by cookies and cold brew, and the funny but altogether serious chats about "Why You Can Leave The Big City Too" with like-minded folk who enjoy their flat whites the way we do. And I'll miss the quiet afternoons when it's nothing but just a few regulars who feed us daily updates on Elyu life, as the same, tireless coffee shop playlist goes on loop.

This place has known so much love. And when you are given more things to love, your heart grows to make more space. 

And so we must grow to make more space! We're building a new shop just a few meters away, on the other side of the road, with a view of the sea. We're moving to a bigger space with the same small shop vibe, a new home for like-minded folk with the same enthusiasm for coffee, creativity and the sea. We'd like to make a new place for you to celebrate good taste, good decisions, good surf, and all around good times in. And because the people will always make the place, we hope to see you in our cozy little woodshack when it opens, and may the familiar aroma of espresso make you remember the good old times in a brand new place.


Illustration by the talented @nomermanuel. Hoping to see you at the new shop!