Day 100: The Road Trip

Day 100/100 - We are finally here: the sacred ground of transit, the place called movement. We feel most at home when we are in between homes.

We packed 4 surfboards, 5 puppies, 1 mama dog, and everything we'll need for 2 weeks of indefinite itineraries. We have a hundred places we'd like to go to, but for now, we are happy to just be driving.

It took me 11 months or nearly a year to write about 100 days of everything I am grateful to be true. But it's all the other days that I did not write about that I want to pay tribute to now.

I owe it to the bad days, the not so brilliant ones when I felt boring and uninspired. Days when there was too much work and hardly any surf. Days we fought. Days of deep, irreversible loss. 

Each of these days count. Not a day wasted. Because the one unchanging truth about life is that it's meant to be tricky. Otherwise, we wouldn't ever win at anything; we wouldn't know what to be grateful about.

A warm sepia sun is following our Vitara down the expressway as I finish this. Other cars have become scarce. The puppies have gotten used to the rocking of the car, and I look at Harold, he looks at me, we look at our dogs and I think of the rest of their lives ahead, with us. In a few days, a new swell will wrap around the coast. We'll surf with old friends. We'll meet new ones. And we'll keep living to make every damn day count-- not a day wasted.