Day 91: Some Truths To Simplify Life


91/100 → I've been looking for truths to help simplify my life and it seems I have to look no further than our dog, Nica. The silly dog knows that happiness comes from falling in love with a routine, and yet never failing to stay curious, always in awe; that all love is tough love but that kind of love is the best kind because you learn how to be fierce and how to be loyal (and when you are both you become something magical); that when you are humble, you are free; and that it takes a whole world of patience to get better at this life thing, to heal, to finally have what you want; that it's okay to bark but never bite and that there's no such thing as a permanent fight; that friends are abundant and home will always be where a hug awaits your arrival; that sleep is good; and that you must never miss the opportunity to go out and get a little sun. 

Camille PilarComment