Day 94: I am, I am, I am

94/100 → On Day 1 of this project, I only wanted an exercise that would nudge me back into the writing grind. So I wrote. Fervently, I wrote. Lazily, I wrote. For as long as there was something to write about, I was there with words.

What started as a simple writing project eventually became this pilgrimage into and out of the self.

It's far from the nomadic ideal of getting lost to get found, because in the end, or at least very near it, I am miles away from clarity. In fact, maybe I am a little more confused than when I started because I was once again urged to challenge my own beliefs. I ask myself the same questions that plague existentialists and poets, lovers and leaders, and the dreamers: is who I am all I am? If not yet, then who must I now be?

I write. I surf. I make coffee. I am somewhere in between those things. And I am still in all the things I used to do, especially teaching. We don't change just because we do different things. Instead, we can hope that the things we do will reveal who we are, and so we must keep looking for new ways to unravel.

(Old photo by @sonnythakur, maybe 2012.)