Day 97: Vision / Values

97/100 → It's easy to find people who like the same things you like, do the same things you do, but rarely do you meet individuals who share the same life vision as you. That other person will have to match your willpower-- often even challenge it-- just to check if you were really made for this tough, life-changing stuff. You won't always share the same opinions, but somehow, you'll defend the same values. I never really understood what it meant to work for a goal, plan for a dream, and all those steps necessary to separate fact from fiction, until now. And I couldn't have done it alone. If I did, I wouldn't have known what it was like to have a best friend and a teammate and a lifeline all in one.

So when you find someone who is ready and willing to blaze a trail, make mistakes, and disturb the universe with you, love them. If you've not met anyone like that, then remember to look at vision and values, nothing less.