Day 98: For All The Surfer Girls

98/100 → I'll be the first to admit I'm not the bravest one out there. I'm more anxious than audacious; I doubt more than I dare-- and yet I manage to grow a little grit when the conditions ask for it.

Here is my secret. Nothing convinces me to paddle out and paddle harder than seeing another girl go get it. It's not a desire to compete or outdo; rather, it is to be struck by awe, to be filled with fire, to be assured, once and for all, that it can be done.

And it has been done. Over and over. So to all the ladies I've shared the lineup with when the waves are bigger than what I'm used to, thank you. Courage called, and you answered. Because you did, I did too. This is for all the times you charged and made it possible for me too.

In return, I'll keep going out there for as long as I can surf and push my limits. I'll answer the call of courage with hopes that if I do it, you might just do it too. 

(Special thanks to Coco for telling me "it's better than it looks" when the Point looked mad yesterday. The session blew my mind.)